About us

Stefano Giovacchini, the designer and founder of Belvedere, was born and raised in Florence, Italy. Known for its rich fashion footwear, Florence has long valued specializing hand crafted goods. This history was not lost on the young Stefano. Nestled between the tanneries and shoe factories throughout his youth. As a young man he enrolled in the Italian Air Force to become an Officer, he was taught discipline and hard work the same lesson that would later be essential to achieve his dreams. He gave up his military uniform to pursue his passion for luxury footwear, that dream that he had from a young child walking through Florence, the leather capital of the world. 

Belvedere story began in the spring of 1986 when Stefano moved to San Francisco to carve out his passion and career and bring a piece of Italy to the American Market. The brand Belvedere has recently ventured into comfort wearing shoes made in Brazil, extending the collection of urban shoes made from calf leather. The focus is a more casual feel, with a rubber or gel sole. Studio Belvedere's main goal is to give man the comfort without compromising the look and fashion.


The Line uses superior insole in all of the shoes, these unbelievably soft insoles have 8 mm cushion for a very comfortable wear. Customers can immediately feel the high level of quality for what Studio Belvedere is known for.